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Marked Cards using NU-CONcept Technology (TM)


(The ultimate in "Stealth" marked card technology for the 21st century)

Problem: Forget multiple TV style "poker cams" built into a table which try to get a peek at each persons cards. With the advent of televised poker, people know to look at a table to see if there are tiny camouflaged cameras built into the table lip or hidden with a one way mirror along the table edge.

Problem: Thinking of using a camera hidden in an object laying on the table (such as a phone, key fob, wallet, bag, etc.). Or maybe you are thinking of using a camera hidden in your tie or shirt....then think again. This may sound good in theory, but not in the real world.

This is because playing cards are not stationary and move around a table. The hidden camera will not be able to read the marks unless the camera is framed correctly for the camera & computer to read the marks.

You may think that a wide angle pinhole lens may solve this framing issue...wrong ! If the cards are not close enough to the camera, the cards and marks are too small for the computer to read. Therefore, you will have to find an excuse to constantly move the object with the hidden camera on the table to keep the card "in frame" for the computer to read the marks.

As you may guess, the constant moving of your cell phone, wallet or key fob may look suspicious. But, since each customer's working environment is different, maybe constant moving of your camera may look natural for you.

Solution: Place a hidden Video Luminous camera away from the table so it can view the cards from above or from a high angle. Human beings can not see Video Luminous marks with or without special sunglasses or filters. The Video Luminous solution or daub/dust is ONLY visible by using custom designed (patented) electronics. See video clips below...

Note: You can do amazing demonstrations, magic, mentalism and gambling expose routines with Video Luminous technology. It is almost like reading people's minds because of the invisible marks :-) This product's use is only limited by your imagination.

Problem: Unlike the "Poker Predictor", Video Luminous technology requires at least 2 people for a sucessful operation. Therefore, you will need a method to secretly have the person in the back room communicate with the person working in front of the audience.

Solution: Use the "Long Range Earpiece" or "Thumper". NU-CONcept sells the finest quality earpiece and thumper used by professionals for maximum deception.

Secret communication methods for Video Luminous

Long Range EarpieceThumper


Video Luminous video demo previews

These video clips are unedited movies captured from the NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS  camera. In order to make the demo look like real life, NU-CONcept set up another color video camera next to the VIDEO LUMINOUS Camera so you can see that the marks are truly INVISIBLE to the naked eye.

IMPORTANT: NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS ink or daub/dust can not be seen with the naked eye even if the person is looking through NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses. The Video Luminous product was designed to be viewed through a custom designed camera was pre-tuned to see the marks.

These video clips are only a first cut. Higher quality video clips will be made to demonstrate NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS  even more effectively.

Note: ALL Luminous products tend to be easier to read on red cards vs. blue cards. However, unlike regular luminous products NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS does work very effectively on the white borders of your cards. In this way, you do not have to see the whole back of the card to read the marks, only seeing the white border is sufficient to know the card's value.


All clips are WMV files (Windows Media Video) - IMPORTANT: These clips are LARGE. You are better off downloading them to watch locally on your computer. <Right Click and use "Save Target As ...">

Using someone else's deck of cards ? With Video Luminous daub/dust you can mark their deck, right in front of them, while they are watching without their knowledge.

Use the following links to download clips....WARNING...they are large...

Use Video Luminous Solution to more carefully and accurately mark cards in the privacy of your own home. Then either sue your cards or swicth decks at your leisure.

NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS  solution or daub/dust will adhere to paper based playing cards as well as to most 100% plastic cards (ie. KEM, Copag, Gemaco, Modiano, etc.)

Domino, Mahjong tiles, etc.

Video Luminous technology also works on many tiles. However, due to the wide variety of tiles on the market. NU-CONcept advises that the customer send us a photo of your tiles. For more accurate testing, you can mail us a couple of sample tiles. In this way, we can insure the product will work "as advertised" on YOUR tiles.

Video Luminous PRICING


Note: orders for multiple cameras will be given a quantity discount. (Sometimes people want to view the table from multiple angles or watch multiple locations simultaneously.)

  • Wired Video Luminous camera with telephoto lens: (SALE: $3,800 till March. 31, 2013) - Note: Video Luminous solution/ink OR daub/dust must be purchased separately)

The wired camera is available in 2 different sizes:

  • The smaller camera is about 1.5" x 1.5" x 2.5". It comes with a mounting bracket and 1 telephoto lens (other size lenses are optional)

  • The larger camera is about 1.5" round (diameter) But, the auto iris part of the lens makes it about 2.25" round, at one point. It is also about 5 inches long with the 2.7 - 13.5mm, auto iris, zoom lens attached.

Customers can easily add powerful wireless transmitters to the camera's "video out" connector, if they want to make the wired camera wireless.

  • Wired Video Luminous camera with remote control zoom lens: (SALE: $5,900 till March. 31, 2013) - Note: Video Luminous solution/ink OR daub/dust must be purchased separately)

Maximum flexibility, NU-CONcept offers a larger camera which will allow you to obtain a close-up view of any playing card. The unit we are using now has a 3.8mm to 95mm remote control, auto iris, zoom lens (but, please ask what zoom lenses are available when you order). Pricing for this high end camera and control unit (with joy stick) is $5,900 until March. 31, 2013.

This unit will be less expensive for customers who may be considering 2+ cameras or if they want a VERY close-up and clear view of any card visible on the table because of the camera's remote control zoom capabilities.

Please contact NU-CONcept for exact the camera housing dimensions. The customer will be responsible for the wiring because a wireless option is not available with this camera AND hiding the camera as they see fit. NU-CONcept will be happy to offer advise on hiding the camera system. (A wireless option is not available for this high end camera because of the remote control capabilities).

A minimum $3,650 deposit must be made for this high end camera at the time of order, with the balance paid prior to shipment. Each camera is custom ordered from the manufacturer AND NU-CONcept also customizes the optics, etc. to be tuned with the NU-CONcept Video Luminous solution/ink and daub/dust.

  • Wireless Video Luminous camera: (SALE: $3,800 till March. 31, 2013) - Note: Video Luminous solution/ink OR daub/dust must be purchased separately)

The "self contained" wireless camera is only available in the smaller camera. The camera is about 1.5" x 1.5" x 2.5" inside it's mounting bracket.

  • Fixture to hide smaller Video Luminous Camera - $150+ (Photo of fixture is publically available. NU-CONcept will discuss with purchasers different methods of hiding cameras as well as discuss communication methods).

  • The smaller (wired or wireless) camera comes with one lens. But, a telephoto lens package is available for $125 which includes 3 different focal length lenses. (Changing lenses will provide greater flexibility when deciding how far and how high to position the camera from the table in order to cover the desired field of view. Note: Telephoto lenses are not required on the larger cameras which use a zoom lens.)


Video Luminous PRICING

Solution/ink or Daub/dust


  • NU-CONcept VIDEO LUMINOUS Solution/Ink (works well on KEM cards)

    • 1 Marker/pen ($325 "regular formula" or $350 for "darker formula")

    • 2 Markers/pen ($600 - "regular formula" or $650 for "darker formula" markers)

    • 3+ Markers/pen ($275 for each "regular formula" or $300 for each "darker formula" marker)

    • 1.75 ounce jar with artist brush ($1,000 for "regular formula" or $1,100 for "darker formula")

Note: There is a solution available which produces 10%-20% darker marks. There is a $25 extra charge per marker or $100 extra for the 1.75 ounce jar which uses the "darker formula".

Each marker will mark 10-20 decks of cards depending upon the size and intensity of your marks.


  • NU-CONcept Video Luminous Daub/dust works best on paper cards (Bees, Bicycles, Aviators, Tally-Ho, etc.) AND most 100% plastic cards (Copag, Modiano, etc.) (Note: the daub is not a paste. It is actually a granule which turns into a dust which may easily applied to someone else's cards.)

    Have anyone bring their own playing cards. You will not care because NU-CONcept daub/dust may be used to make "ad-hoc" Video Luminous marked cards using a borrowed deck while people are watching.

    • 0.5 grams ($600 for the "regular formula" or $650 for the "darker formula")

    • 1.0 grams ($1,000 for the "regular formula" or $1,100 for the "darker formula")

    • 1+ grams ($800 per gram for the "regular formula" or $900 per gram for the "darker formula")

    Note: There is a daub/dust available which produces 10%-20% darker marks. There is a $100 extra charge per gram for the "darker formula".

    Note: The Video Luminous daub/dust is shipped in a 2 gram vial. Therefore, 0.5 grams will only fill one quarter of the jar, 1 gram will fill half the vial, etc.

    1/2 gram will mark 15-25 decks of cards (**) = average cost of  $30 per deck

    1 Gram will mark 30 - 50 decks of cards (**) = average cost of  $25 per deck

    2 grams will mark 60-100 decks of cards (**) = average cost of  $20 per deck

    (**) You will be able to mark 30 - 50 decks per gram depending upon the size and intensity of your marks.

(*) Note Video clips were shot using the regular formula products and a regular (NTSC 480 line) television. The more expensive ink or daub/dust will make marks appear about 10% - 20% darker. (The darker formulas costs NU-CONcept more because the critical ingredients are manufactured by a different supplier.)

Bear in mind that if you want higher resolution images than what you see on these video clips, NU-CONcept suggests using a 600+ line resolution monitor to provide a sharper image.

Please feel free to contact NU-CONcept to obtain more specific prices quotes for YOUR system at ""

The NU-CONcept Video Luminous System is available as a wireless or wired camera.

NU-CONcept does not recommend using your own cameras because their specifications are NOT likely to match ours. In addition, NU-CONcept alters the optics of each camera to be tuned to our solution/ink and daub/dust. Designing your own camera will not allow you to see the marks....and even if you get lucky, you are not likely produce results nearly as good as ours. Our cameras and optics are custom designed using military grade specifications and can not be purchased "off-the-shelf".

All Video luminous products will use UPS as the courier with a tracking number. Shipping costs will vary depending upon your country.



If you would like information on the Poker Predictor (PP) or Video Luminous (VL) vs. Poker Predictor comparisons, please click below:

Poker Predictor Computer OR VL vs. PP Comparisons



(*) Note: The Photon Ray Table is a trade name. The table's light source does not use X-Rays. Special photons are generated which makes many playing cards "transparent" when viewed through NU-CONcept's custom designed sensors.

With the NU-CONcept Photon Ray Table the cards DO NOT HAVE TO BE MARKED and you can use a borrowed deck. The photons generated by the Photon ray table render most 100% plastic playing cards almost transparent. In addition, some paper/cardboard cards may also be seen through, given the right conditions. However, NU-CONcept advises the use of 100% plastic cards because they work much more effectively.

The "photon" light source and camera sensors/filters were originally intended for military use. But, NU-CONcept has adapted the same technology to "see through" the most common 100% plastic playing cards.

Almost like "Superman" - See through most 100% plastic playing cards and some cardboard playing cards


To download clip - right click and use "save as..." below. (warning, the clip is large)


  • Invisible photon based light source in table ($1,000) per "Photon Ray (*)" light source (Discount is available for more than one "Photon Ray" light source.)

  • Photon Ray Camera with telephoto lens to see through cards - (SALE: $3,800 till Dec 31, 2010)

  • Photon Ray Camera with remote control zoom lens lens to see through cards - (SALE: $7,300 till Dec. 31, 2010)

  • Note: NU-CONcept provides the Invisible photon light source AND you place it under YOUR table beneath the felt color of your choice (red and green are most common). The photons can also penetrate multiple layers of felt and/or foam. In addition, it can also penetrate a thin layer of wood veneer, but, wood is not advised.

If you want to use both Video Luminous AND the Photon Ray Table together please feel free to ask NU-CONcept for details.


How to purchase:

Do you want a private demo before you buy ?

(Only serious buyer please !)

While PayPal and Google checkout is accepted for all other NU-CONcept products, NU-CONCEPT Video-luminous and the Photon Ray Table is sold differently. For this quality and type of product, credit card payments are not accepted.

Payment procedures will be arranged directly with NU-CONcept OR private demonstrations can only be done in New York. A private demonstration costs $500 (you also must pay for travel costs). If you purchase the product, the $500 demo fee will be fully applied towards your purchase. However, if you decide not to make a purchase, the $500 fee is NOT refundable.

If you would like a sample Video-Luminous marked card mailed to you, simply send $200 which will be applied to the $500 (non-refundable) demo fee. During the live demo or after you purchase the product, you will be able to view this same sample card through the Video-Luminous camera and see the marks "magically" appear.

This type of arrangement is common practice for this type and quality equipment. It also further protects the secret from curiosity seekers. This $500 demo fee is not subject to negotiation. Therefore, NU-CONcept strongly advises that only serious purchasers inquire.

This demonstration option is to allow serious buyers the opportunity to witness the system in action and to make sure that your can read the marks easily.


Only serious customers should eMail NU-CONcept for additional details




Legal Notice:

It is illegal and immoral to use any marked cards while gambling in private or casino games

All marked cards should only be used for magic, mentalism, educational purposes, casino protection or "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY"

(Do not cheat at poker or other game of chance, especially when gambling for money)

NU-CONcept reserves the right to refund money and/or not sell to people who plan to use it's products for any illegal activity.

General Pricing and ordering information for all NU-CONcept products

Marked cards pricing


poker cheating questions

Jeff Spiller; 3280 Sunrise Highway, suite 227, Wantagh, NY 11793

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"Knowledge is Power" with NU-CONcept marked cards High level Overview of all products How to order & PRICING
Learn how to mark cards HOMEMarked Card LibraryUltra-LuminousRegular LuminousJuiceJuice/N-DustHigh Tech Electronics
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